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A gift card in solidarity with your community and with farmers! Say thank you to your employees by offering them a Carte Proximité!
With your Carte Proximité, you can purchase local food items at 13 partner markets across the island of Montréal. The Carte Proximité project has a double objective:
1- To encourage the local food economy and the sourcing of local foods;
2- To improve access to healthy foods for all.
By offering a Carte Proximité to your team members, you are strengthening their sense of belonging to their neighborhood, encouraging healthy eating, reinvesting in the local economy and supporting the markets and farmers who feed us. Show your solidarity: Top up your cards with an additional amount to contribute to the project! Carte Proximité is not just a gift card: It is first and foremost a program to improve access to healthy and fresh food for households in vulnerable situations. More than a thousand households receive a card on which a monthly amount is deposited to increase their purchasing power to buy local fruits and vegetables. You can help us put healthy local foods on their plates by topping up the amount of your card purchase.
For more details about the project, visit our website:


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